Ordering Information

Method One: Use the Shopping Cart For A Safe, Secure Means Of Ordering:

Follow the steps on the Shopping Cart. Access the SHOPPING CART*, complete the order form, filling in your product requests, using the stock numbers found in the description of each item. When you are finished shopping click on “Check Out.” We gather your address information using our secure (SSL) checkout page. Your credit card will be processed on Elavon Merchant Services secure checkout page. We do not take in or retain credit card information on our site www.lifestylesystems.com

Method Two: Order By Fax, Mail, or Phone:

To order by fax, mail, or phone you can download an order form. We prefer to take orders by phone. You can send by Fax or Mail. Make Checks or Money Orders payable to: Lifestyle Systems P.O. Box 5031 Huntington Beach, CA 92615

Orders may be phoned in by calling toll-free: 800-955-3383 or E-mail: neatstyle@aol.com. Customers can place orders using our Shopping Cart, Fax, U.S. Mail, Phone, or E-mail to Lifestyle Systems. The customer can pay by check or money order. We request that cash not be sent. Checks are checked thoroughly for accuracy before the order is processed. If there is a problem of any kind (missing or inaccurate information or clarification needed), the customer is contacted immediately by phone (preferred) or e-mail. Please include a phone number on the order.

Sales and other taxes required are added to the order when applicable.

International Orders / Orders originating outside the Continental US (48 States): Shipping Charges for these orders will be calculated offline and the charges added to the bill. Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express are accepted only through our online shopping cart or by phone only.

* Use the Shopping Cart for a safe, secure means of ordering.