Drawer Dividers

Our drawer divider kits contain everything you will need to create customized compartments for a full sized drawer. Easy to install and made of durable polystyrene or acrylic.

Shelf Dividers

Place dividers in any location. Track inventory easily. Separate prescription meds safely.

Our Magnetic Dividers (for metal shelves) can be easily moved to create any size compartment or our Self-Adhesive-Tape Dividers are semi-permanent once placed.
(Use on plastic, wood, glass, etc. – any kind of shelf).




File Kits

File Kits create file systems for your supplies, products, home organization to medical and pharmacy…anything you can imagine you can organize.


Medical Drawer Divider

Find supplies quickly with customizable drawer dividers.

It’s a snap!

It’s a Snap with Lifestyle Systems!

Customize your storage space with LIFESTYLE SYSTEMS “do-it-yourself” easy to install organizers including drawer dividers, shelf dividers and file kits. Eliminate frustration and clutter. Save time, save space, and save money using the unique drawer dividers and shelf dividers at HOME, OFFICE, SCHOOL, WORKSHOP, STORE, CLINIC, or HOSPITAL.

Choose the DRAWER DIVIDERS in white, black , or clear acrylic at 1″, 2″, 3″, or 4″ heights for any drawer, anywhere. The dividers fit any size drawer with no wasted space and can be customized to make any size compartments — even in mobile storage carts, tool chest, and plastic totes. In the home, you can organized every room — kitchen, bath, bedroom, dining room, den, family room, hobby/craft room, sewing room, playroom, or garage. Every item you own – kitchen utensils, silverware, knives, office supplies, cosmetics, jewelry, clothing, games, toys, tools, CD’s, film, first-aid supplies — will have a special place and will be easy to find. If you choose a FILE KIT, you will be able to change ANY drawer to a file system for address cards, recipes, baseball cards photos, note cards — anything that requires sequence or alphabetical order. For the hospital, clinic, or medical office, you can save time and eliminate errors by organizing drawers and shelves in examining rooms, surgical rooms, labs, supply rooms, and pharmacies. The KNIFE BLOCKS, when efficiently placed in drawers close to each point of use, keep your knives sharp and fingers safe.

Our products will bring you great experience in practical organization solutions. You will love the ease of installation, durability, and versatility of the Lifestyle Systems products.

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Drawer Dividers

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Get Organized!

Are your pharmacy shelves getting unorganized easily? Are those sock drawers out of control? What about the kids’ legos. Don’t you wish they were organized and neat? Now you can have organized drawers, shelves and much, much more with Lifestyle Systems drawer dividers, shelf dividers, and file kits. Lifestyle Systems make organizing your work or home a SNAP!

Our drawer dividers are so versatile and clever; you’ll wonder how you ever survived without them. The range of uses for our self-adhesive drawer dividers is endless. If you can think it, you can organize it. Our organizing drawer dividers are being utilized by members of NAPO – National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals when helping their clients get organized. Moms, dads, professionals, doctors, pharmacists, and people from all walks of life have found our fantastic drawer dividers to be an excellent asset in organizing their work and home life.

See How Our Products are Helping Others Stay Organized

The shelf dividers help us stay organized and serve our customers faster. With everything ordered in alphabetical sections we find prescriptions and get our customers on their way faster than ever before!

Josh T. ~ Pharmacist

My sock drawers were looking terrible and I bought this. It has made such a difference! I can find my socks now they are separated so I can find the different colors. I also did this with my scarves and hats.

Happy Customer