Shelf Dividers

Create any width compartments. Our Magnetic Dividers (for metal shelves) can be easily moved to change the size of compartments or our Self-Adhesive-Tape Dividers are semi-permanent once placed (Use on plastic, wood, glass, etc. – any kind of shelf).

Magnetic Shelf Dividers or Self-Stick-Adhesive Shelf Dividers

The magnetic shelf dividers (for metal shelves) can be easily moved to change the size of compartments as needs change. The self-adhesive-tape dividers can be used on wood, glass, plastic, and metal. Create shelf compartments of any width and customize them to your own storage and sorting needs.

Magnetic Shelf Dividers
Magnetic Shelf Dividers

Keep Your Shelves Organized at Home or at Work

Choose our Shelf Dividers to organize shelves at the pharmacy, in the home, at the office, in the workshop, at school, in a store, or in the hospital or clinic – anywhere there is a shelf to make orderly. Use the Shelf Dividers to divide prescriptions, set up a mail or message center; organize children’s toys; separate groceries on pantry or store shelves; alphabetize CD’s, videos, or books; sort work orders; show-off merchandise; stack clothing.

See How Our Products are Helping Others Stay Organized

The shelf dividers help us stay organized and serve our customers faster. With everything ordered in alphabetical sections we find prescriptions and get our customers on their way faster than ever before!

Josh T. ~ Pharmacist

I’m just writing today to say how much I love your product! I bought one to try out, now I’m OBSESSED. Went back the next day to buy more. Love the fact that I get to create what works best for me...Best product for organizing drawers ever!!! Thank you.


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