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Lifestyle Systems : In The Home

Lifestyle Systems  
12881 Western Ave., Unit A  
Garden Grove, CA 92841  



Jewelry in Velvet
Protect your fine jewelry in velvet lined compartments. Our 1" high Divider kit comes with instructions on how to cover and line the sections. (Fabric not included.)
Cosmetic Drawer
Never lose a nail clipper or lipstick again. Make every item easy to find with 1" dividers.
Show off and protect your fine jewelry with Clear Acrylic Dividers.

Kid's Clothes
Sort, stack and store baby clothes with 3" or 4" Dividers.
Adult Clothes
Organize smaller items of clothing such as socks, scarves or neckties with 4" Dividers.
Games and Cards
Makes cards and games easy to find for the family.
Tapes and Videos
Make videos and cassettes easy to find using 2" high Dividers or the expandable Drawer File Kit.
Besides being easy to find, children enjoy putting toys back in special compartments.
Collection Displays
Divide and display your collectibles with Clear Acrylic Dividers.
Crafts are more fun when materials are organized.
Fishing Lures
The Lures are separated safely & proudly displayed using 1" Dividers.
Garden Tools
Tools are organized for the Gardener.
Needles and Thread are easy to find in separate compartments.
Sports Cards
Categorize, add or subtract from your collection using the Drawer File Kit.
Use the Clear Acrylic Shelf Guard to protect contents of shelves from falling. Ideal for RV's and Boats.
Fine Silver
Showcase your fine silver using Clear Acrylic Dividers.
Kitchen Drawers
Make any size compartment for any kind of utensil or gadget in any size drawer.
Large Utensils
Use 3" or 4" high Dividers to separate bulky utensils.
Small Utensils
Use 2" Dividers to make utensils easy to find.
Computer Disks and CDs
File your disks and CD's in our expandable file systems using the Drawer File Kit.
School Supplies
Kids can easily find just what they need for homework and projects.
Groceries on Shelves Knife Drawer Separate Your CD's
Use shelf dividers to separate groceries. It's easy to make a shopping list when you can see exactly what you have at a glance, Keep knives safe and sharp at every work center in the kitchen. 4, 6, 8 or 12 knife holder block. Fits snuggly in a drawer. Alphabetize and separate your CD's by using 4 x 6 shelf dividers.
Message Sorter Toy Organizer Bedroom and Bath
Use 3 x 6 Kodar shelf dividers to separate messages for every employee. Teach children to keep their toys neatly organized by using shelf dividers. Keep clothing neatly stacked on any shelf using our 4 x 9 shelf dividers.
Book Dividers  
Divide your books and paperbacks by author or subject using shelf dividers.    
Junk Drawer
Organize your Junk Drawer using 1", 2", 3", or 4" divider. Never lose your birthday candles again!



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