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Lifestyle Systems : At the Pharmacy

Lifestyle Systems  
12881 Western Ave., Unit A  
Garden Grove, CA 92841  


Pharmacy Shelf Dividers

Magnetic Shelf Dividers provide safe and easy prescription management for pharmacist. The dividers can be added, deleted, or moved to create any size compartments on pharmacy shelves. For safety, different strengths of the same medications can be separated eliminating errors in selection. Inventory control is easily maintained.

Advantages to using Lifestyle System's Magnetic Shelf Dividers are:

  • Eliminates danger of mixing medications
  • Utilizes shelf space efficiently
  • Makes it easy to change the size of compartments as quantities change
  • Keeps order so that inventory can be checked at a glance

Health Care/ Home Recovery Charts

For Patient Use in Home Recovery: Important Records for the Patient and Doctor

  • Monitor progress in recovery from an illness, accident, or surgery
  • Record symptoms & condition + pain location, frequency, and intensity
  • Register blood pressure and temperature
  • Keep track of medications -- kind, intake, and reactions
  • Log food consumption for dietary evaluation
  • Note completion of daily exercises
  • Recall appointment dates and times
  • Review doctor's instructions
  • List important contact people & phone #'s
Call 1-800-955-3383 for Quantity/Special Pricing

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Health Care/ Home Recovery Charts
Record: Appointments • Symptoms & Conditions • Medications • Therapy/ Exercise • Food Intake


Controlled Substances

For protection and safety, use Lifestyle Systems' Mega-File Kit to organize "controlled Substances" in a locked drawer. The kit can make multiple compartments which are easily changed as inventory of any item increases or decreases.

Inventory Control

Track Inventory easily when Items are clearly divided

Keep Order on Shelves

Keep Vitamins and Medical Supplies in Order


Consumer Friendly

Make Products easy for Consumers to find.

Prescription Safety

Separate Prescription Medicine safely



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